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Contest Entries {6.2007}

Hope you're all doing well!

{68} Contest Icons [Multi-fandom + Stock]
{o2} Stock Headers
{o1} Harry Potter Friends Only Banner

Collapse )

{25} - {27} Were made with ephemerally, please credit both of us if used! REQUIRED!

Hope someone finds use for these. Comment/credit is always welcomed and appreciated. (ponkie or ponkiecons)

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Banner Maker?

My friends community, glitterati_x is looking for a third banner maker.
You'd be on a three week rotation and there's two challenges posted each week.
This is an elite icontest for stock and hp images.
You have to apply first.

Let me know if you're interested in being a banner maker.
First challenge is already posted.

[Sorry for cluttering your f-list with this non-icon post!]
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New Icontest?

My friend is looking to start a new elite icontest with either a stock, harry potter or both as the theme.
She's posted a poll here. So if you'd be interested at all in participating or being a co-mod head over there.


Personally I think both cause it makes it different and I like both!

Oh, and my next contest post will be HUGE! It's already bigger than last months! :o

Edit: The community has been made! glitterati_x!
Apply if you like making stock or Harry Potter icons :D
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Icon Maker Awards

Also, I made my first ever blended icon today, but it's for a contest, so you all have to wait to see it. M

Oh, I didn't get accepted at aimtomisbehave, a Firefly/Serenity icontest because I wasn't good enough. And I'm WAY bummed about it. I need an active Firefly/Serenity contest and the only active one I've found doesn't want me. *sad*